Today, the COVID-19 pandemic disease is devouring the world and altering life, creating panic everywhere, and stressing economies for which the humanity wasn’t prepared for this. The most affected are the under-privileged sections of our society, who face imbalance daily food needs and financial risks. Thousands of daily-wage workers in our country are finding it hard to meet their day-to-day family and healthcare needs. India has responded with lockdowns while upgrading the healthcare infrastructure and mobilizing financial support. The whole world is eagerly awaitng for a permanent cure to wipe out the Corona Virus from the surface of the earth.

To respond to this catastrophe and to curtail losses, there is a need to supplement the government’s efforts as dutiful citizens and caring fellow humans. We are being tasked with undertaking the necessary precautions, caring for our families, and uniting at heart to aid those most in need.

ISKCON Worldwide is continuing its tradition of helping the humanity at this crucial juncture and ISKCON India has distributed over 12 million plates of Meals Prasadam. Even at ISKCON Tirupati, we are distributing 6000 meals; and there are more and more people who are in need of our help. Even the Government officials are requesting us to serve a greater populous.

ISKCON Tirupati’s funds are solely dependent on Distribution of holy scriptures and Piligrim Donations; however, due to the lockdowns the inflow of funds are null.

In India, in the early seventies, Srila Prabhupada began ISKCON Food Relief (IFR). One of his mandates for the project was that “no one within ten miles of the temple should go hungry.” Inspired by this statement; the dedicated devotees of ISKCON Tirupati are working relentlessly to serve the people in need and also the 470+ cows in the goshalas.

I appeal to all kind hearted people to come forward and donate to this heartful initiative as your act of compassion towards the needy.

We at ISKCON-Tirupati owe a huge thanks to all the heroes on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic knowingly putting themselves at risk to save our lives. We ensure to keep these COVID heros in our daily prayers and may Sri Sri Padmavati Balaji and Sri Sri Radha Govindaji protect us all from this global pandemic.

Hare Krishna!!!